Using SmartBird Poultry Manager – Jeremy’s Farm Scenario

One of our new users, by the name Jeremy, reached out and asked us to guide him on how to use SmartBird Poultry management software on his farm.

We decided to make a video, to take him through setting up his account, managing settings on SmartBird, entering daily production records, and recording income and expenses

The Scenario

Jeremy’s Farm has 250 birds of the Kuroiler Breed at different ages. He also has 100 Broilers.

The first task is to see how to group the birds on Jeremy’s Farm into flocks. A flock is a group of birds of the same breed or strain, the same age, with the same feeding and care requirements.

It is recommended to house different flocks in different housing or rooms so as to give them specific attention and also to protect younger birds from the older birds.

We do not know the details of Jeremy’s 250 Kuroiler birds, as pertaining to age and numbers but we created the following flocks.

Broilers100Coop 41 Day
Kuroilers 50Coop 11 Month
Kuroiler100Coop 23 Months Old
Kuroiler100Coop 34 Months Old

SmartBird Account Setup

The first video will take us through the scenario above, completing your account setup after creating registration at and setting up your flock types, feed types, expense categories, vaccines and medication categories, and income categories

Flock Management and Production Records

The second video takes us through entering flock detail and managing daily production records. This includes entering:-

  • Vaccine and Medication Records
  • Mortality Records
  • Feed Records
  • Weight Records
  • Treatment Records
  • Egg Collection Records (Not Included in Jeremy’s Farm as he does not have layers)

We are working on the third video to cover income, expenses, and reports.

We will be glad to create a video screencast on setting up SmartBird Poultry Manager for your specific farm scenario, leave your details in the comment form below.

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  1. I have used your Poultry Manager software. It is a very useful software but I have a problem with it. I can’t output that report to Excel after data entry. If you add this feature, it will be more convenient to use the software.


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