SmartBird is a poultry farm management online app for both the commercial poultry farmer and small-scale backyard poultry keeper. Track production, management, and finances of your poultry farm. Keep track of eggs collected, bird weight, feed, vaccinations and treatments, mortality, income and expenses, and much more

SmartBird Poultry Manager

Simple, easy to understand, straight to the point

Poultry Management Records

Keep track of all management activities on your poultry farm. Helps you keep track of production. At a glance, you can tell when things go wrong so that you can make corrections and keep on the right track.

Poultry Production Records

Record your daily production, whether in egg collection or broiler weight gain. Get graphical reports on improvements or decreases in production. With this information, you will be able to forecast productivity

Poultry Financial Records

Keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenses, income, and profits. This will include direct costs and indirect costs.

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Enter your daily production records into SmartBird Poultry Manager. Track any decline in productivity daily, so as to make a correction, ensuring you reach your goals


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About SmartBird

Small, medium or large scale poultry farming? 10 birds or 50 thousand birds? Chicken, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys?

SmartBird Poultry Management Software will assist you in keeping track of all activities in your poultry farm, whether it is a small backyard operation or a fully fledged poultry farm


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