SmartBird is a leading poultry management software that helps both commercial poultry farmers and small-scale backyard poultry keepers to efficiently manage their farms. It is an online app that allows you to track the production, management, and finances of your poultry farm, making it an essential tool for any poultry farmer.

With SmartBird, you can easily keep track of crucial metrics such as egg production, bird weight, feed consumption, vaccinations and treatments, mortality rates, income, and expenses. This software provides comprehensive insights into your farm’s performance, helping you make informed decisions about your operations.

SmartBird is an excellent solution for poultry farmers who are looking to optimize their operations and maximize profitability. It offers a range of tools and features to help you manage your farm more effectively, including analytics, reminders, and reporting tools.

If you’re looking for top-rated poultry management software, SmartBird is a perfect choice. It is a powerful, user-friendly app that is specifically designed for poultry farmers. With SmartBird, you can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. So, don’t wait any longer, start using SmartBird today and take your poultry farm to the next level!

SmartBird Poultry Manager

Simple, easy to understand, straight to the point

Poultry Management Records

Keep track of all management activities on your poultry farm. Helps you keep track of production. At a glance, you can tell when things go wrong so that you can make corrections and keep on the right track.

Poultry Production Records

Record your daily production, whether in egg collection or broiler weight gain. Get graphical reports on improvements or decreases in production. With this information, you will be able to forecast productivity

Poultry Financial Records

Keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenses, income, and profits. This will include direct costs and indirect costs.

Maximize on productivity

As a poultry farmer, maximizing productivity is crucial for profitability. To achieve this, it is important to track daily production records using a reliable tool like SmartBird Poultry Management Software. This software allows you to easily enter and store data daily, making it simple to monitor your farm’s performance over time.

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By tracking your daily production records, you can quickly identify any declines in productivity and take corrective action using SmartBird Poultry Management Software to get your farm back on track. Even small fluctuations in productivity can significantly impact overall profitability, which is why using a tool like SmartBird is essential.

SmartBird Poultry Management Software offers the ability to monitor a wide range of production metrics such as egg production, bird weight, feed consumption, and mortality rates. This tool allows you to keep a close eye on these metrics, enabling you to identify any issues that may be impacting your productivity and take immediate action to address them.

What is SmartBird

Clear-cut, easy to use, and straight to the point.

SmartBird is a complete poultry farm management software

Whether you have a small, medium, or large-scale poultry farm, SmartBird poultry records management software can assist you in managing your daily activities, delegate record entries to your workers and partners, and give you a full picture of your farm’s operations. Use SmartBird to optimize your farm’s productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

If you have a small farm with tens or hundreds of chickens, SmartBird can assist in managing your daily activities such as feeding, egg collection, mortalities, expenses, income, and much more. With this software, you can easily monitor and analyze your farm’s performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and maximize productivity.

For medium and large farms with thousands and hundreds of thousands of chickens, SmartBird is an essential tool that can manage all your poultry records. The multi-user feature allows you to delegate record entries to your workers and partners, making the process more efficient and saving you valuable time. SmartBird gives you the full picture, including management records, production records, and financial records, so you can have a clear overview of your farm’s operations.

With SmartBird poultry records management software, you can easily track a variety of metrics, including feed consumption, egg production, bird weight, and mortality rates. This data can help you identify trends, make informed decisions, and take corrective action as needed. Additionally, the software can generate reports to help you analyze your farm’s performance and financials, giving you a better understanding of your operations.

SmartBird is a layer farm management software

If you are keeping chickens for their eggs, it’s important to monitor their feed-to-egg conversion ratio to ensure optimal performance.

SmartBird layer management software can help you achieve this by allowing you to keep detailed records of feed consumption, egg collection, egg weight, and more. By tracking this information, you can generate reports that show the quality of your eggs and make adjustments to your feeding program accordingly.

SmartBird layer management software goes beyond egg production monitoring. With this software, you can also track egg sales and even filter down to sales to a specific customer. This allows you to keep accurate records of your sales and streamline your business operations.

Don’t settle for subpar egg production. Use SmartBird layer management software to maximize your egg production potential and increase profitability.

SmartBird is a broiler farm management software

SmartBird is a powerful broiler farm management software designed to streamline your chicken business operations. Whether you have a small or large farm, SmartBird makes it easy to track and manage important data such as broiler flock records, feed records, and broiler weight.

With SmartBird’s advanced reporting capabilities, you’ll gain valuable insights into your broiler chickens’ performance, including the Broiler Feed Conversion Ratio. Use this data to make informed decisions and take corrective action to ensure your birds reach their maximum growth potential and target weight on time.

Don’t let poor performance or inaccurate data hold your broiler chicken business back. Make the switch to SmartBird poultry management software today and take your farm to the next level.

SmartBird is a poultry farm financial management software

You will want to know how much it costs you to produce an egg or a kilogram/pound of chicken meat.

You also want to track expenses. From direct expenses such as feed, medication, and vaccinations to indirect expenses such as repair and utilities. 

SmartBird lets you keep these records and allows you to generate reports that will help you tell the financial health of your poultry business.

SmartBird works for any size of poultry farm

SmartBird works for small, medium-sized, and large poultry farms.

You can keep records of any poultry bird including chickens, ducks, quails, geese, turkeys, parrots, etc.

SmartBird works will work for you in helping you quantify your efforts in terms of your input in your flock and output from your flock.


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Small, medium or large scale poultry farming? Chicken, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Parrots, Quails?

SmartBird Poultry Management Software will assist you in keeping track of all activities in your poultry farm, whether it is a small backyard operation or a fully fledged poultry farm


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