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Welcome to our layer farm management software! Our software is specifically designed to help you manage your layer farm, poultry farm, and egg production with ease. Our software includes a wide range of features that will help you automate your farm operations, manage your data, and inventory, feed animals, and control diseases.

Our Layer Farm Financial Tracking feature allows you to track the financial performance of your farm, including sales, expenses, and profits. Our Poultry Farm Optimization feature helps you to optimize the performance of your farm to increase your profits. Our Egg Production Optimization feature helps you to optimize your egg production to increase your profits.

SmartBird Poultry Manager

Simple, easy to understand, straight to the point

Monitor and manage the health of your layer flocks

Healthy layers will lead to healthy profits. Egg production is determined by how you manage the health of your chickens and other laying birds. With SmartBird, you can record vaccinations, and treatments and monitor the mortality rate of your flock. A healthy flock should have low mortality rates. 

With SmartBird layer farm management software, You will be able to:

  • Keep vaccination data
  • Keep treatment data
  • Record and track mortality rates
  • Track weight gain

With these metrics, you will be able to take charge of the future production of your flock. Flocks with high mortality and disease rates might not be very productive. Corrective measures need to be taken early enough to ensure your layer flock reaches optimal production when they mature. 


Monitor and manage the growth of your layer flock

Is your flock growing as per the breeder’s recommendation? Is the feed being converted to body weight?  How much weight have your birds gained at 3 months? With SmartBird, you can take weight records for your flock. These records will be able to help to tell if your flock is growing according to the standard. Layer birds that follow the recommended growth curve will reach optimal production. Knowing the growth curve of your birds will help you take corrective action in good time. 

Monitor and manage the production of your layer flock

Are your layer chickens or other birds converting feed to eggs at optimal levels? What is the percentage of hens laying at any particular point in time? SmartBird is smart enough to assist you in answering these questions. It will generate for you reports that will assist you in knowing whether your layers are producing as they should. If not you can take corrective measures in time to make sure you reap the most from your layer farm enterprise. 

Track the financial health of your layer farm business

Do you keep chickens for eggs in order to generate some income? Right? Can you tell me how much your eggs were brought in last month? How much of it was profit? Which customer brings buys the most? Which supplier do you pay the most? SmartBird offers a myriad of financial reports to help you tell the financial health of your layer farm. 

About SmartBird

Small, medium or large scale poultry farming? Chicken, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Parrots, Quails?

SmartBird Poultry Management Software will assist you in keeping track of all activities in your poultry farm, whether it is a small backyard operation or a fully fledged poultry farm


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