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You want to know if your broilers are on track for market weight. This is calculated using FCR. Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) is the metric that tells you if your broilers are efficiently turning feed into meat. SmartBird assists you in tracking FCR by recording weights and automatically doing the FCR calculations. 

Benign able to tell the FCR at any given time will help you take corrective measures to ensure that your broilers attain market weight at the right time. This saves on the cost of feed and ensures maximum productivity of your broiler farm.

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Monitor and manage the health of your broiler flock.

Your broiler flock needs to be healthy for it to get to the correct market weight in time. With SmartBird broiler farm management software, you will be able to administer treatment, supplements, and vaccinations. You will also be able to track the mortality. Lower mortality rates are desirable.

With SmartBird you will be able to tell the mortality rate at any given point in time. A sharp increase will mean that immediate action needs to be taken to ensure that the number is brought down, so as to avoid losing the profits from your broiler farm. 


Monitor and Manage the growth of your broiler flock

Growth is an integral part of broilers. It is the main reason that broilers were developed. To grow as efficiently as possible on the right amount of feed. If they have to eat extra for them to gain weight, the farm might operate at a loss.

SmartBird is designed to help you monitor growth in relation to feeding consumed. A ratio of 1.6 to 1.9 is desirable and SmartBird helps keeps the necessary records to help you put in place measures to make sure this is attained. 

Track the financial health of your broiler farm business.

A broiler farm keeps chicken for meat. The broilers are sold for income. There are also expenses incurred before the broilers reach the market.

With SmartBird you will be able to keep a record of these expenses and income. It will help you tell the financial health of your farm at any given point in time. These crucial reports will help you steer your broiler farm to profitability. 

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